Smarter claims follow-up to ensure a healthier bottom line

Help dental practices

automate their claim follow-up
automate their
claim follow-up
 apply consistent business rules
apply consistent
business rules
collect payments faster
collect payments faster
retain loyal patients
retain loyal patients

Finally, a solution to prevent revenue leakage, maximize claim collection and enhance the patient financial experience
for the dental business of all sizes

Claim Status

Automate claim follow-up and detect claims needing remediation


Design your own workflow process with smart rules to ensure consistent processing


Inform patients when needed for transparency & trust building


Measure & monitor key performance & events for continuous improvement

Do more with your resources

No more time wasting tasks of manual checking claim status and processing EOBs. Let InsideDesk be your junior assistant and tirelessly checking and handling your payer claims. Our automation applies your business rules consistently and enables your staff to work only on claims needing remediation.

Deliver a better patient experience

Increase your patient satisfaction by engaging your patients early. Insidedesk monitors potential post encounter billing needs due to claim issues and enable your staff to engage your patients sooner not later to resolve denials and increase likelihood of payment

Maximize value of your dental practices

Increase our valuation multiples with optimized cash flow and a repeatable business process. With InsideDesk, you can automate and optimize the revenue cycle process to fit your practice needs. This competitive advantage, not only increase your profitability, significantly impacts the value of your practices.

Our vision

My name is Allen Jorgensen. For those who know me well, they most likely know me as the founder of Lighthouse360®.

Lighthouse was the invention of my necessity: my desire to work less for my wife’s practice. Today, it is the #1 solution for patient recalls solution helping 14000+ dental practices world wide. But Lighthouse is just solving the tip of the iceberg.

Now, I am ready to tackle the issues hidden beneath the water and help dental business to be more successful by automating and simplifying their revenue cycle management needs. We want to free up your and your staff’s time so you can focus on service your patients and increase your profit at the same time.

We are here to help